We Are Pre-launching Our Membership Platform for Circular Entrepreneurs

People we have trained and coached over the last twenty years are likely familiar with these two topics:

  1. We have been teaching entrepreneurs leadership and communication strategies as they have to pitch to investors.
  2. Our online Udemy course “The Circular Economy: What and Where are the Opportunities for Entrepreneurs?” has been a huge success with 8,000 students.

We are deeply grateful for these rewarding experiences. So much so that we now offering these two topics above to entrepreneurs who both need to build their self-confidence and want to know more about circular economy teachings. These can now be accomplished from our new Membership Community platform EntrepreneurCircle.World (EC.W) where members can “learn about the circular economy, meet other entrepreneurs and investors and grow your ideas”.

We are also very thrilled that in building EC.W we shall also continue to work with legendary people who have accelerated the circular economy transition. For example, our first “Inspiring Interview” was with the legendary Professor Walter Stahel who – as a “Father” of the circular economy – needs no introduction. Plus, his book “The Performance Economy” can be downloaded at EC.W for free.

We will also be offering our EC.W Members interviews with other inspiring individuals, investors and entrepreneurs. Plus, every month, we will publish a bundle with a focus on contemporary topics.

Throughout our EC.W content you will come to learn that we repeatedly teach the strategy that all entrepreneurs must take a systemic look at the world in which they plan to compete if they aspire to replace the linear economy and accomplish a successful transition and transformation to the circular economy.

We invite you to join www.EntrepreneurCircle.World where you will“learn about the circular economy, meet other entrepreneurs and investors and grow your ideas”.