The Multi-Faceted Path to Sustainability

A new webinar series in cooperation with the Swiss Corporate Network – the stars.

As companies today are exposed to even more scrutiny regarding their role in impacting the environment, global leaders are increasingly devoting more time to evaluate the entire system in which their enterprises operate. For this reason, the stars network from Switzerland, well-known for their symposiums in Switzerland, Singapore and China, has launched a series of six webinars created and moderated by Dr Gordana Kierans.

The 1st webinar was held under the heading “Systemic and Sustainable Change: Opportunities and Challenges for Companies” featuring a Q&A with Dr Anna BIRNEY, Director of the School of System Change at the Forum for the Future, United Kingdom.

The 2nd event hosted Dr Janez POTOČNIK, Co-Chair, UNEP International Resource Panel and former EU Commissioner for Science & Research and for the Environment, Brussels and Ljubljana. He gave a presentation regarding the issue of resource extraction under the title “The Future Will Be Green or There Will Be No Future“.

Participants in the 3rd session this coming November 16, 2023 will travel virtually to Yunnan, China and learn from Professor Lun Yin, Professor, School of Geography and Ecotourism, Southwest Forestry University, Kunming, Yunnan, China. He will illustrate how the traditional knowledge from Yunnan ancestors can help companies combat climate change today. They have preserved their traditional wisdom through many generations with much of this ancient knowledge ironically very useful for solving the today’s environmental challenges that our present civilized society has both caused and now faces. Interested participants can register via this link.

The stars network brings together renowned global experts and business leaders who are typically 1 to 2 levels below C-level, nominated by their top management and have the potential to move up to C-level in the next few years. The participants come from all over the world and from varying sectors mainly from business but also from science, politics, culture, NGOs and the media.