The EntrepreneurCircle.World (EC.W) August bundle is now available

The EntrepreneurCircle.World (EC.W) August bundle is now available in our Membership Learning Room!

The overall theme of the five videos in the bundle is “The 9Rs“. The first video informs us why we as circular entrepreneurs must consider the first R – Redesign – as the most important as it is the prerequisite R for the success of the other 8Rs. The second video discusses why your new product or service should incorporate economic strategies followed by our ancient ancestors. Some of these strategies from the distant past have become life-changing today such as the very cool (pun intended) Mitticool refrigerator that needs NO electricity! The third video challenges you to rethink certain assumptions and closely observe your and others’ habits while the fourth one covers the other 8 Rs. The fifth video in the bundle invites you to take a closer look at the term “regeneration”.

There is also an accompanying Workbook to help you apply this theory in your business.The August bundle also has a BONUS video with a new episode to our EC.W “Inspiring Interview” series, which highlights the amazing Yvonne Witter MA., award-winning speaker, author and enterprise consultant who explains the difference between a social business and an NGO. Among many insights, she explains how a social business can reduce its dependency on grants. We have so much respect for her invaluable work which has inspired so many entrepreneurs. Check out the August bundle now!

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