“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second-best time is now.”  Chinese Proverb


Almost everybody is now talking about the Circular Economy. More importantly, there is also a lot of “walk the talk” action as many MNEs, Governments, Banks, Investors and Entrepreneurs are rallying behind this transformational shift. This year in Davos, 30 international companies signed an initiative worth around USD $1.3 trillion. The initiative? To implement the Circular Economy.

What is the Circular Economy and why do we need it?

The Circular Economy is the opposite of our current linear model (take-make-use-dispose) because it progressively separates our economic growth and development from the consumption of limited resources. It keeps technical materials, like metals for example, in circulation at high quality and the biological materials can become a resource for a new product. The concept of the Circular Economy is mimicking living systems where there is no waste.

Why is this transformational shift happening now?

The environmental problems like ocean pollution, deforestation and other human transgressions are very alarming. However, even more alarming for businesses is the fact that many of our precious metals are running dangerously low and our renewable resources are almost at the breaking point. Accenture estimates that by 2030, our current model of industrial growth and its inability to deal with the growing demand for non-renewable resources, will result in a gap of 8 billion tonnes between supply and demand. As a result, we will face a total potential growth loss of $4.5 trillion by 2030 and $25 trillion by 2050.

What does this mean for you and your business?

If you are a Decision Maker, you know what this means for your business. Your company needs to adapt NOW and follow one or more of the circular business models. There is a huge potential in this shift and only companies that make a rapid transition, will thrive. It doesn’t matter if you work business-to-business or with the end-consumer, the questions soon will arise.

Therefore, you need to attend this one-day seminar where you will learn answers to:

  • What is the Circular Economy and how can your company profit from it?
  • Which concrete steps have other companies already taken toward securing their circular future? How are they doing the transition?
  • Which new business models have emerged as a result of this transformational shift?
  • How other stakeholders, such as banks and investors, are supporting the shift to a circular economy?

Join us to find transformative, sustainable, inspiring – and profitable – answers to these and more questions.


The target participants are ideally Decision Makers who can change their business immediately after attending the lecture. There is no time for prolonged discussions because other companies are already taking transformative steps.

  • CEOs, Board Members and Directors
  • Executives and Senior Managers
  • Entrepreneurs


The course is very practical because its goal is to help Decision Makers to identify the path to change for their company. It will be interactive, it will showcase other companies, it will require from the participants to take a close look at their practices, it will help identify new circular ideas and it will encourage discussion. The participants will have a different awareness for their company and all the stakeholders after this seminar.


This Circular Economy training is offered as an In-Company workshop at any time convenient for your colleagues. Alternatively, it is also offered in a one-day Open-to-the-Public format on fixed dates by either MGT OPEN directly – or by world-wide, external training partners.

For enrolment enquiries for Public workshops with MGT OPEN or to organise Circular Economy In-Company training conveniently-timed for your organisation, we invite you to use our confidential contact form.