The Circular Business Models Are Next!

The next EntrepreneurCircle.World bundle is now available in the Learning Room.

The unique format includes 5 videos with a focus on 10 Circular Business Models plus a bonus Inspiring Interview video.

Those of you who have taken our Udemy course or were students in in my lectures at the SZTU in Shenzhen, China know that I work with 10 Circular Business Models from Forum for the Future. One difference to our Udemy course is that, this time, we explain with each of the 10 models which of The 9Rs (the previous bundle) applies.

We know that 10 Circular Business Models is a lot for you to digest time wise in one lesson (we know you are busy), so we broke the presentation called “The Shared Aim of ALL Circular Business Models! into 5 separate PARTS. Each PART covers two business modes.

A final video is added to this bundle from our Inspiring Interview series, which highlights Mr Dale Warren who shares his insights about textile recycling which is relevant to many of the 10 circular business models. As an aspiring entrepreneur or as a current business owner or manager you will find astounding is the sheer amount of collected waste that is necessary for scaling up. It is a truly fascinating conversation that you can access for free.

If you want to learn more about Life Line Clothing, please visit Upcycle4better website.

We are confident all EC.W Members will find value in this bundle!