Recent MGT OPEN Workshops

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, our business – along with numerous businesses around the world – halted all scheduled in-house workshops. We have been supporting our clients with their most urgent needs online and will continue for as long as necessary.

However, we have also adjusted our workshop structure to the post-COVID-19 reality and are ready to serve our clients around the globe again. We will continue to deliver high-level workshops and projects while respecting the measures of distancing and health protection.

Season’s greetings (this year) from Shenzhen and a prosperous New Year 2020! We look forward to serving you in the upcoming decade as well.

We have been busy transforming companies in the last few months. Here are just some of the moments.

Inspiring Leadership Workshop in Kuching, Malaysia. One of four public workshops in March/April 2019.

The Circular Economy Workshop at SCOPE in Kuching, Malaysia.

The first of our three groups from Sarawak Energy Berhad. Work is fun! 🙂

Genuine smiles also at our Inspiring Leadership Training at Hattha Kaksekar Limited on 29-30 October in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Inspiring Leadership Training with the Arabian Power in Abu Dhabi from 15-18 October 2018. This is the second group and the next generation of leaders. This company is in good hands, now and in the future.

Inspiring Leadership Training for 10 SEZAD Team participants in Duqm, Oman.

More smiles from our Leadership participants.

Duqm SEZ, Oman

Genuine smiles from HOPPECKE managers after our “Communication & Negotiation” Sales workshop in KL on 2-5 May 2018.

The Circular Economy Workshop in Amman, Jordan on 1-2 April 2018 was so much fun! Great participants and great contributions.

Circular Economy: From Trash to Cash, THE HIVE, Amman, Jordan.

The Leadership Workshop in Dubai, 4-5 March 2018.

Working with our first of two Armoush Executive groups in Amman is not work at all but pure pleasure. Two days of Leadership training down, two more to go.

Just finished a two-day leadership workshop in Singapore on Oct. 26-27. The smiles provide a proof that 3 of the 14 participants had a great time.

Thank you everyone for an awesome Inspiring Leadership workshop in Dubai in July 2017. Thankfully, we had one female leader amongst us.

Thank you all for a dynamic and diverse Inspiring Leadership workshop in Singapore in April 2017.

Thank you all for an unforgettable day in Drapanos. To save the solar power on this cold and rainy day, we gathered around the fire instead of the seminar room. This is possible only with incredible people.

Dr Gordana Kierans giving a Circular Economy lecture to representatives of the Greek hospitality industry at the European Sustainability Academy (ESA) on Crete.

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