One of the most rewarding aspects from our Executive Coaching is hearing from our clients that their conference Keynote Address received tremendous feedback (True story: A phone call from a plane at midnight: “OMG, I was shocked! They gave me a thunderous, hand-clapping standing ovation!”)

Naturally, our executive clients, because of their position or specialised expertise, are frequently invited to give a conference Keynote Address or participate in an on-stage Panel Discussion. Many Executives see this as a career-enhancing networking and a self-confidence building opportunity – which is true IF the speech goes well. If not, future invitations will stop coming! Our Coaching will cover the “Must-Dos” to make your next speech – or presentation to the Board – both powerful and persuasive. For example, we will help you to:

  • HAVE something VERY important to say. If NOT, don’t accept the invitation. It’s much easier to give a talk if you have something urgent and personal to share.
  • CONTROL and TEST all external aspects of your keynote: the stage; microphones; podium; projector and screen(s). If there is an IT mishap – it is YOUR fault.
  • KISS (Keep It Sweet & Simple) so you don’t have to write a speech or make notes
  • KEEP it visual with images or metaphors and fresh with contemporary news
  • TELL stories from your experience…and from your heart

To enquire how we can support you in the preparation of your next speech or panel discussion, we invite you to use the confidential contact form.