PRESENTING YOURSELF: How to Visually DESIGN & Confidently DELIVER Your Message

MASTER the most important SKILLS to become a POWERFUL PRESENTER

“It was an intensive two-day workshop, but I was captivated the entire time. Gerry was simply inspiring.” – Head of Corporate Communications & Marketing, Wasl Properties Dubai

“Gerry has undeniable deep experience in communication… and leadership.” – Saudi Aramco Team Leader


Clearly, the testimonials above provide you with compelling endorsements to participate in this training. In addition, whether you are thinking of attending yourself – or if you are in HR and are considering this workshop for your colleagues – following is another conclusive reason to attend:

In late 2017, LinkedIn surveyed over 2,000 Executives asking what skills are most needed for the year 2018 and Communication Skills were ranked #2. (p.s. One of our other training specialties – namely Leadership – was ranked #1.


  • SPEAK with inspiring self-confidence before your colleagues, supervisors and clients
  • MASTER “neuro-scientific” STORYTELLING skills to ignite interest and be more memorable
  • VISUALISE your content to sell ideas and allow viewers to quickly understand
  • LEARN how to effectively use your body posture, gestures and facial expressions
  • LISTEN to and WATCH yourself on a video-recorded simulated presentation or speech
  • STRUCTURE an easy-to-follow, memorable meeting, presentation or speech
  • DEVELOP quick and easy techniques to overcome stress and nervousness
  • CONVINCE your audience with EMOTIONS (“They may forget what you said; but they will NEVER forget how you made them feel”)
  • DESIGN your presentation according to our “billboard” strategy and the Golden Ratio
  • COMPLETE the workshop with new skills and self-confidence plus receive many website links to further improve the way you present and speak in public long after the workshop is completed!
  • ASSESS your personal strengths as a Meeting Moderator or Public Speaker


This 2-day, highly-interactive workshop is designed for individuals from both the Private, Public, Professional and NGO Sectors who need to improve their skills and self-confidence when speaking in public and/or giving presentations to Conferences, the Board, colleagues or clients – specifically those from the following portfolios:

  • Board Level and other C-Suite Executives and Department Heads
  • Public, Media and Press Relations
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Corporate, Internal, External and Corporate Identity Communications
  • Self-Employed Professionals and Entrepreneurs
  • Project and Performance Management
  • International Operations
  • Professors and Lecturers


This DESIGN & DELIVER training is offered as an In-Company workshop at any time convenient for your colleagues. Alternatively, it is also offered in a two-day Open-to-the-Public format on fixed dates by either MGT OPEN directly – or by world-wide, external training partners.

For enrolment enquiries for Public workshops with MGT OPEN or external training partners or to organise In-Company training conveniently-timed for your organisation, we invite you to use our confidential contact form.