MASTER the most important SKILLS to become a POWERFUL PRESENTER

It was an intensive two-day workshop, but I was captivated the entire time. Gerry was simply inspiring.

Communications & Marketing, Wasl Properties Dubai

Gerry has undeniable deep experience in communication… and leadership.

Saudi Aramco Team Leader


Clearly, the testimonials above provide you with compelling endorsements to participate in this training. In addition, whether you are thinking of attending yourself – or if you are in HR and are considering this workshop for your colleagues – there are several reasons to attend.


  • SPEAK with inspiring self-confidence before your colleagues, supervisors and clients
  • MASTER “neuro-scientific” STORYTELLING skills to ignite interest and be more memorable
  • VISUALISE your content to sell ideas and allow viewers to quickly understand
  • LEARN how to effectively use your body posture, gestures and facial expressions
  • LISTEN to and WATCH yourself on a video-recorded simulated presentation or speech
  • STRUCTURE an easy-to-follow, memorable meeting, presentation or speech
  • DEVELOP quick and easy techniques to overcome stress and nervousness
  • CONVINCE your audience with EMOTIONS (“They may forget what you said; but they will NEVER forget how you made them feel”)
  • DESIGN your presentation according to our “billboard” strategy and the Golden Ratio
  • COMPLETE the workshop with new skills and self-confidence plus receive many website links to further improve the way you present and speak in public long after the workshop is completed!
  • ASSESS your personal strengths as a Meeting Moderator or Public Speaker


This 2-day, highly-interactive workshop is designed for individuals who need to improve their skills and self-confidence when speaking in public and/or giving presentations to Conferences, the Board, colleagues or clients – specifically those from the following portfolios:

  • Board Level and other C-Suite Executives and Department Heads
  • Public, Media and Press Relations
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Corporate, Internal, External and Corporate Identity Communications
  • Self-Employed Professionals and Entrepreneurs
  • Project and Performance Management
  • International Operations
  • Professors and Lecturers


This two-day Presenting Yourself training is offered as an In-company Group Workshop either via Face-to-Face or online via Zoom (or other meeting programmes). It can also be conducted as a 1 – 1 Coaching Format. In both instances, the workshop timing will suit your scheduling needs.

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