Two-Day Workshop

During my many years in Leadership Development, I have not engaged in a more helpful and inspiring workshop. Gerry meets all criteria for excellence!

Associate Dean of Hong Kong University of Science & Technology


Through an in-depth perspective on leadership strategies from the both the corporate, academic – and political – worlds, you will learn practical, easy-to-implement strategies to dramatically improve your leadership skills and strategies.


During the training, among other strategies, you will:

  • LEARN the Key Principles of Leadership
  • DISCOVER the differences between Leaders and Managers
  • EMPOWER your Team to take-on more Leadership tasks
  • MASTER 10 Communication Strategies to help you lead more effectively
  • ASSESS your personal strengths and weaknesses as a Leader
  • GET LEARNING MATERIALS of actual LEADERSHIP programs (Harvard and other Business Schools)
  • BENCHMARK your skills by being inspired by legendary leaders from the corporate arena


As the program title proclaims, after this training you will be equipped with a tool box of Leadership strategies that you can immediately begin to implement. These strategies will make you intimately familiar with the essential leadership’s traits such as envisioning, empowering, enabling and decision-making.

Moreover, you will leave the training with a comprehensive list of websites and blogs that you can use to continue improving your leadership skills long after the workshop has successfully finished.


This workshop is designed for all individuals from both the Private, Public and NGO Sectors who need to improve their leadership skills, specifically:

  • CEOs, Board Members and Directors
  • Executive and Senior Managers
  • Department Heads
  • HR and Corporate Communication Heads
  • Team Leaders
  • Self-employed Professionals


This two-day Leadership training is offered as an In-company Group Workshop either via Face-to-Face or online via Zoom (or other meeting programmes). It can also be conducted as a 1 – 1 Coaching Format. In both instances, the workshop timing will suit your scheduling needs.

For enrollment enquiries we invite you to use our confidential contact form.