1 to 1 Coaching: Get HIRED or PROMOTED:

Have you ever NOT applied for internal promotions and/or repeatedly ignored Executive Search Recruiters contacting you with ideal “next-career-step” opportunities because you felt ill-prepared or perhaps even intimidated about the entire Application process – especially facing that stressful Panel Job Interview stage!

In this Coaching programme, we will share with you our proven strategies that so many previous Executives have followed to secure their promotion or dream portfolio. Moreover, we can guide you from the very start of the selection process all the way to the final contract negotiations. Specifically, we will:

  • HELP YOU UNDERSTAND that everyone selected as a candidate has virtually the same qualifications – the one who comes across as the most self-confident will be selected.
  • DESIGN a well-structured and “accomplishment driven” Covering or Motivational Letter, CV and Online Application guaranteed to “open the door” for the Job Interview
  • DEVELOP strategies to improve your Emotional Intelligence and self-assertiveness
  • REALISE that “first impressions last” and that the Job Panel will likely decide if you are to be considered in less than 30 seconds!
  • PRACTICE and PRACTICE again our time-proven “Interview Question Formula” for answering even the most surprising questions with total self-assurance
  • CREATE and REHEARSE our “Closing Statement Strategy” because your “last impression” is also “lasting”
  • AND WHEN YOU GET SELECTED FOR THE JOB, conceive beforehand a negotiation strategy that earns you the highest salary and benefits.

To enquire on how we can assure that you get selected at your next job interview, we invite you to use the confidential contact form.