Recent MGT OPEN Workshops

The Leadership Workshop in Dubai, 4-5 March 2018.

Working with our first of two Armoush Executive groups in Amman is not work at all but pure pleasure. Two days of Leadership training down, two more to go.

Just finished a two-day leadership workshop in Singapore on Oct. 26-27. The smiles provide a proof that 3 of the 14 participants had a great time.


Thank you everyone for an awesome Inspiring Leadership workshop in Dubai in July 2017. Thankfully, we had one female leader amongst us.


Thank you all for a dynamic and diverse Inspiring Leadership workshop in Singapore in April 2017.


Thank you all for an unforgettable day in Drapanos. To save the solar power on this cold and rainy day, we gathered around the fire instead of the seminar room. This is possible only with incredible people.

Dr Gordana Kierans giving a Circular Economy lecture to representatives of the Greek hospitality industry at the European Sustainability Academy (ESA) on Crete.

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